Don’t Be An Spammer Or Do What I Say, Not What I Do

So I noticed with some surprise I had 56 views, from the site

This site bills itself as some type of experimental traffic generating website to help promote blogs… I go to the site and it immediately starts flipping through blogs, displaying them for an instant before going to the next. If any of you have been taken in by this wishful thinking, and it seems many of you have, I have some bad news to report. It would seem this site is of little to no benefit to a normal blogger.  Nobody will read your post when it is displayed barely long enough to even get the title. The website is an automated spam traffic builder, not for the blogs it “promotes”, but for itself. If common sense has eluded you, here’s the evidence:

Out of those 56 redirects to my blog supposedly “promoting” it for all of 2 seconds, not one click through came on the video enclosed within the blog post that was the entire purpose of the short post. In other words, nobody is engaging the blog from this site.

I don’t know for sure that the inventor intended the site to behave in this fashion when they designed it. Perhaps they had completely altruistic intentions as they claim, and only meant to promote other people’s blogs. Perhaps they didn’t realize that only their own website would end up with any real promotion, with it’s frame that remains immobile and therefore readable, in stark contrast to the flashing collage of insta-changing blogs. Either way, unless you’re looking to skew your stats and artificially inflate your bog traffic (I guess to sucker in advertisers), this supposed “service” is of no use.

If you don’t believe me, visit for yourself, and see how many great new blogs you discover through it, or click here.

Edit: I should mention that Is operating a similar platform, but includes reasonable delays between blog changes, and a quite desirable “back” and “forward” option. If you’re interested in the concept, I suggest looking into this site instead. Your blog will thank you for it.

Update: Criticisms notwithstanding it seems I was perhaps (typical to my nature), a bit hasty with my judgments. I encourage everyone to read the comments to this post and consider for themselves.  I still believe the website could implement the type of features present on Condron, to truly be beneficial, but in saying it had no benefit at all, I was being premature and somewhat unfair.  It’s has brought traffic, and beyond that, this post has encouraged discussion from the users who came to it, through Alpha Inventions. If the site implemented a longer delay, so it wasn’t just flashing blogs across the screen to get traffic back to it’s site through referrers, I’d likely endorse it.  There does seem to be better alternatives, as far as setup, but as far as traffic, the numbers are speaking in it’s favor.

But, wait… There’s more. One user who commented on this post had an extremely negative experience with AI.

Do you have an opinion on the site? Can you relate your experiences if any with it? If so, please comment.

Update: Alpha Inventions has changed, and I think improved quite a bit. See my latest review of the site, “ Revisited”.