Dan Brown’s New Book Released Next Week!

Dan Brown's new novel is just days away!

Dan Brown's new novel is just days away!

Time is running out to pre-order The Lost Symbol.

How many of you have already scoured the internet looking for clues, or unauthorized plot releases for Dan Brown’s new novel? Hopefully none of the readers here were taken in by the fake virus scan malware that gave us yet another reason to dislike SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Apparently googling “death star research” can be hazardous to your health, and not for the reason most Star Wars fans would think.

There’s not a whole lot out there regarding this book, but we do know that Robert Langdon makes a comeback, and that the book takes place over a 12 hour period.  I suspect this will be yet another one of Dan Brown’s best sellers, and will be nearly  impossible to put down once you’ve gone past the first chapter. If you enjoyed Angels & Demons, and The DaVinci Code, get in on pre-ordering now through Amazon.  The price is right, and you will receive the hardcover on September 15, 2009, the same day as the book stores.

Speculation is quite high, as to just what secret society this book will focus on.  Most people believe there will be links to Freemasonry whatever the details. There’s certainly a lot of options out there, from Ordo Templi Orientis, all the way to Odessa.  Whatever the details, it’s bound to be a fascinating journey for anyone interested in secret societies, alternative religious thought, or symbolism, in particular.

Update: I’ve begun reviewing the Lost Symbol, chapter by chapter over at Bud Gallant’s Book Reviews & News