Dr. Phil Under Fire Again For Sexual Abuse

dr-phil_more-advice-that-i-pulled-out-of-my-assIn what seems to be becoming somewhat of a pattern, Dr. Phillip McGraw is once again being accused of sexual abuse by a patient. Mainstream media is just beginning to report the latest case, partially due to the lawsuit which was filed, alleging sexual molestation. The specific claims, which you can find here, along with several links, are rather bizarre.

It seems that Dr. Phil’s idea of “treatment” may include forcing a female patient (if we can call her a patient, since Phillip McGraw no longer has a license to practice medicine) to remain in a room with a naked man, and then having her breasts groped. Psychiatry seems to be the profession most prone to such abuses and perversity.  Many times psychiatric abuse goes unreported due to the private environment, imbalance of “credibility”, and patient trust. CCHR reports that over 10% of psychiatrists openly admit to sexually abusing their patients.  I wonder what percentage of psychiatrists admit to lying on surveys they use to self-report?

Dr. Phil was previously accused of sexual misconduct by Sara Morrison. “Not a single day has gone by when I haven’t been affected by what Phil McGraw did to me. He profoundly affected the course of my life,” she said. Dr. Phil’s latest accuser is Shirley Dieu. Her lawsuit comes not long afterward both McGraw and his wife were sued for fraud by former employees, Deborah Flattery and Brynja McGrady.

This is certainly an explosive story, and I suspect there are many more details in that lawsuit which the mainstream media, in typical fashion, will not touch. If anyone out there has more information, please comment below. Also feel free to comment to share your thoughts on this.  I’ve obtained a copy of the suit courtesy of Fox, and I will be reviewing it as time permits.

For more information on Psychiatric abuses see The Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR).

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Juror Physically Attacked, Threatened For Position On Merck Trial

NYDailyNews.com reports that holdout juror, Theresa Ciccone, was intimidated, threatened with violence and had a chair thrown at her, in an attempt to force her into a change of position on the case. Upon recounting the illegal tactics used by jurors set upon finding the pharmaceutical giant innocent of the charges brought against it by Shirley Boles, the judge declared a mistrial. Ms. Boles, a retired deputy sheriff, brought the suit after alleging her experience with Fosamax led to her jaw deteriorating.

Ciccone, who has a degree in science, claims jurors had their minds made up from the beginning of the trial, and refused to evaluate the evidence provided. In one case a juror went so far as to literally sit on documents to obstruct others from having access to them during deliberation.

This irrational and criminal behavior further illustrates society’s rabid acceptance of, and dependency on, pharmaceutical drugs, despite their potential harmful effects. Merck certainly seems to have gotten a trial by it’s “peers”, if the criminally violent, pro-drug rabble who found their way into the jury are any indication.  Once again we see that a jury is only as good as it’s worst member, and in this case that dubious distinction is difficult to reward.

Having earlier lost a bid to suppress more such cases from going to court, Merck is facing a growing torrent of lawsuits over the dangers of it’s “osteoporosis treatment” drug.

For more information on pharmaceutical abuses see The Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR).