Why Google Is King

Google is taken for granted as the standard for so many things these days, that I think most people forget even to mention it… It’s like breathing… We all do it, and we don’t often think about it, and we assume everyone else does it, too. That’s a pretty safe assumption, but when it comes to some of Google’s other features, many people still have not gotten on board and discovered the benefits. Below are the services from Google I regularly use, and endorse for others.

  • The Google search engine is superior to others, for many reasons. For myself, what impresses me is it’s simple interface. It’s fast, it’s thorough, it looks nice. The alternatives just are not up to par in their scope, or their design.
  • Gmail. I use it all the time. It saves me from spam.  One only needs to compare Gmail to Hotmail, to see the huge contrast, as far as functions, and the spam filter. And speaking of filters, I’ve automated my email organization via Gmail’s filters. If you’re not using it for your email, you truly are missing out.
  • Widgets. They’re integrated into my desktop, and they save me all sorts of time, and put the information I want at my fingertips. Vista’s sidebar can not compare at all. If you’re using the default sidebar under Vista, it is time for an upgrade!
  • Adsense. It’s the staple of internet advertising right now, and that’s not by accident. Adsense delivers relevant content, and relevancy is something that is seriously lacking with a number of even large mainstream platforms… Why? Without a targeted audience, your chances of delivering content to users, is seriously hindered.
  • Google Reader. It does exactly what I need it to do, when I need it to do it. It’s interface is simple, and it’s an excellent tool for staying updated on the sites you wish to keep track of.

That being said, there is room for improvement. Google is nearly entirely unreachable. There seems to be no way to contact anyone at Google with a suggestion, or a concern, that I have found. Support is run by user groups, and leave’s much to be desired. Google, in it’s ivory tower, is not accessible to the regular masses online. In addition, there is privacy concerns with Gmail. The TOS allow for indefinite storage of all your emails (even after deletion on your end), and that includes on servers under foreign jurisdictions. Additionally, Google reserves the right to share your information with government, and does not limit this to any government, in particular. But the bottom line is, if you’re looking for quality, ease of use, and reliability, Google is king. Just don’t use it to send or receive any information of a sensitive nature, if you’re looking to cover your bases.

Do you use these services, or have you found others you like better? Comment below!