Site Re-design

It’s been pretty obvious to those of you who have hung around this long that the blog has gone without updates for a long time and has, from it’s beginning, suffered from a definite lack of direction.

I’ve learned a lot in the nearly 4 years since I began this blog.  So we’re going to have a drastic shift here.  From this point forward I’ll be using this site as sort of a sounding board for self-improvement, leadership and relationship building.  I realize this is going to be a departure from the tech news, social commentary and a thousand other things that the blog originally published.

I’ve debated just what the future of this particular blog should be, and I feel this transition is going to make the most sense given the current situation.  I hope those of you who have subscribed and enjoyed my writing in the past will choose to continue and will find the new content engaging.  I’m certain that a more clear and concise direction is going to add much more value, compared with the blog’s previous incarnation.

I’ve chosen not to remove the older posts because I believe they have their place, as far as answering questions and concerns that those finding the site through the search engines have.  The Tweetdeck post, in particular, still receives regular traffic.

So, thank you again to my readers and those I’ve connected with on this blog over the last few years.  I hope you enjoy the transformation.

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