“DrDaleArcher” Twitter Spammer and Lying Conman?

drdalearcher spammer twitter psychiatrist

A little while ago, I received a follow from “DrDaleArcher”, who it seems by his follow/followers ratio is using a classic Twitter spamming technique. Specifically, he  appears to be running some type of auto-follow script to try and gain followers himself.  I’ve seen this a lot on Twitter, but I’ve never seen it done by someone who is claiming to be a psychiatrist.  A nice touch, in addition, is the direct message spam he sends out en masse, commenting on profiles he hasn’t actually read.  Note to any patients of “Dr. Dale Archer”, if he is practicing (which I doubt): When your psychiatrist starts outright lying and spamming on the internet, it’s time to consider other options.

Dr. Dale Archer (DrDaleArcher) on Twitter“Dr. Dale Archer” claims he specializes in “chemical imbalances of the brain”, however strangely when I took him up on his supposed offer to answer questions, he quickly unfollowed me and declined a response.  The question was regarding his method of diagnosing these chemical imbalances he specializes in.  It seems asking “Dr. Dale” what scientific tests he uses to declare someone bipolar strikes a nerve with him.  I might have expected more from a man who supposedly has his own Fox-affiliated TV show, but expecting professionalism from a liar and a spammer, would be wishful thinking, indeed.

I’m glad you think I have an “interesting profile”, Mr. Archer.  I find yours interesting, as well. I even decided to check to see if you are licensed in Louisiana where you claim to have established a clinic, but sadly there is no record of you either with the medical board or the AMA. I also tried New York, and obtained similar results, although it is listed as your location on Twitter. Then I tried to find you in Virginia, since that’s where your website is registered under the name of  “Dr. D, Inc.”, but yet again… No trace of you. Perhaps you can share your license number, if you in fact have one? If you do not, can you clarify in what capacity you are a “clinical psychiatrist”?

Psychiatry Advice - Psychiatric Advice Column | Free Online Mental Health AdviceI wonder why “Dr. Dale” is so vague about his current standing and in what state he supposedly practices in. His website, Askdrd.com states he is offering “free online mental health advice”.  This is quite curious, as it is illegal to offer medical advice without a license in the state of the person you are providing it to. Maybe “Dr. Dale” is has one of those special internet psychiatry licenses, though…  Hey, I’m waiting “Dr. Dale”.  Which state medical board should I contact to check the status of your license and file a complaint regarding your solicitation and offering of medical advice online? Perhaps “Fox” can point me in the right direction, but strangely I can find no reference to “Dr. Dale” on any Fox website, either.

Maybe I’m “doing it wrong” when it comes to Google, so if “Dr. Dale” would like to clarify this situation, I’d be happy to hear it.  I’m also interested in hearing from readers who have any information on Dale Archer or can point me towards some links that verify his claims, or exempt him from the law when it comes to offering medical advice online.

If you’re a Twitter user who is annoyed at DrDaleArcher‘s spam, feel free to report him as you would any other spammer. Deceptive direct message spam is even more disgraceful coming from someone who makes a pretense at integrity, and is soliciting people to share personal information with him for his own benefit, under false pretenses.

If you have received “mental health advice” from Dale Archer, please contact your local state medical board and inquire if he is licensed to practice medicine in your state or authorized to dispense advice in the capacity of a psychiatrist. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Report this man to the proper authorities for further investigation, if you believe he has crossed-the-line.

I’m not exactly sure who “Dr. Dale Archer” is, but I certainly am getting the impression he is not what he purports to be. Feel free to email me any information you have, or post below.

Update: It’s also interesting to note that the domain name askdrd.com is registered to “Dr. D, Inc”, in Virginia. I was unable to find further information on this company Is “Dr. D” a person or a corporation, for the purpose of providing “mental health advice”?

9 thoughts on ““DrDaleArcher” Twitter Spammer and Lying Conman?

  1. I know and work with Dr. Dale and I think you’re off on this one. I realize you’ve spent a lot of time on this and you won’t take my word on it. Dale knows nothing about the web and I just can’t see him doing this. He has an ego the size of Miami but he’s the first one to acknowledge it. I’m sorry this happened but I think the blame should go elsewhere. Go luck hunting down crap that screws people, it’s a noble cause.

  2. The reason you can not find “Dale Archer” is because his name is Dewey Dale Archer, Jr. also known as D. Dale Archer, Jr. He is in fact a practicing psychiatrist with his own tv show and book coming out. He is licensed in Louisiana, Texas and Florida I believe. He owns several clinics in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Check into that.

  3. my brother is 8years old . He gets angry very fast and misbehave with me .many a times he is beaten by me but he keeps on misbehaving . So please tell me what should i do to control his anger..

  4. Dr Dale Archer is a great Dr I don’t think I’d be here today if it wasn’t for him. He practices at the Institute for Neuropsychiatry in Lake Charles, La. He’s the only psychiatrist in this area that is worth a damn. I’ve been to them all & he’s honestly the real deal. (But he is expensive, all Dr’s are but he didn’t take my insurance but it was worth it). I don’t know how you got all that crap sent to you but he’s so not “that” kind of fake cheesy Dr., he’s legit. He went to Tulane in New Orleans & then University of Texas, Austin for his residency, he’s definitely licensed. That’s how I found him through the Louisiana Board of psychiatry, he was the only psychiatrist certified to prescribe the medication I needed & to deal with my condition. You can e-mail me & I’ll me more specific about what I went to him for, I’m happy to tell you all about him. You can google Dr. Dale Archer Jr. Lake Charles, Louisiana. Read his Wiki profile if you don’t trust his websites. Or google Louisiana Board of Psychiatry & they’ll give you his info too, that’s how I found him. Maybe you were looking up his name wrong. Dr.Dale Archer Jr. I sure hope this helps you 🙂

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