Steven Hawking Promotes Colonization Of Space

hawkingI just watched a pretty amazing live speech by Professor Steven Hawking on Nasa TV. I’ll post a link to a transcript when available.

Prof. Hawking spoke on the importance of resurrecting public interest in science, and mentioned the new children’s book he has written with his daughter.  He went on to discuss the probability of life on other planets, saying he believed primitive life forms were likely to be fairly common, but intelligent life rare.  He mentioned the possibility that intelligent life self-destructs upon reaching a certain technological advancement due to nuclear weapons and other methods of mass destruction, but said he preferred not to accept that explanation as the primary reason for us not having confirmed the presence of other intelligent life.

Prof. Hawking gave several possibilities for colonization, including the moon, mars, and titan (a moon of Saturn), as well as planets outside our solar system.  He suggests inter-solar system travel should be a goal for humanity to accomplish over the next 200-500 years. He spoke of possibility that life began on earth due to the intervention of a meteor carrying DNA from another planet.  He closed by stating that if humanity was to survive the next million years, colonization of another earth-like planet is a necessity.

Prof. Hawking displayed a sense of humor at various parts of his speech, and also quoted Star Trek and displayed an image of what appeared to be a “galaxy class” star ship from the TV series. He also spoke briefly about UFOs and alien abduction, making jokes about those who report such events.

This was a very interesting lecture, and rather progressive compared to what I would have anticipated at a NASA event. I’ll have more here as it becomes available.

Do you believe that space colonization is necessary for the survival of humanity? Comment below.

Update: It would seem NASA tricked me. Although, “live” was appearing during the lecture, it appears this was a repeat broadcast of a lecture given over a year ago.  You can find more information here.


11 thoughts on “Steven Hawking Promotes Colonization Of Space

  1. I’ve always thought that if we are to somehow survive the depletion of Earth’s resources, the human race must reach out and colonise other planets. But then, I spent much of my early years reading Robnert Heinlein, so it seems natural to me 😉

  2. i just want to know more about Steven Hawking…. I am actually a 3rd year student, 18 years of age whose major is Special Education and interested about exceptional individuals who successfully made a substantial contribution to the society despite of their disablities…. I am so amazed with those kind of people who never lose hope that they can make a big difference for themselves as a fuctional individual.

  3. Hi, John. Sorry for the late response.
    I think it is amazing, too. Professor Hawing is an inspiration to all of us in many ways. Glad to hear you are in a field of study you enjoy. That’s really important.

  4. unless we become ecologically sensitive and start serious population control the only way to survive as a species is to move off this rock, colonize the universe

  5. I watch discovery as much as posable and i just watch’d the artical on time travel this i am quite interrested in however mine is backwords .
    i do have the age old ? of if 1 go’s forword will time catch up with them when they slow down?
    how abought alberts enstines math for time travel is this relivert?
    my biggest ? is if time has an speed limit then why dos time go slow at times and fast’r at other times in real time? like in my work place here in tx some days it goes fast others it goes fastr can you guess what days i like being at work?ha ha.
    however i feel an person can do this in more convenchanal means how meditation for dont we really have some type controle of are time and how its spent?

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys.
    I find the idea of space travel and colonization to be very attractive, and I’m certain that as we advance technologically, that will be in store for us. As this planet does have a limited (although very long) lifespan, it’s not only an important step forward for mankind, but necessary for our survival in this form.

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