Man’s Skull Regenerates On It’s Own To Cover Large Hole

man's skull regenerates to cover hole. metla plate no longer needed.

Man's skull regenerates to cover hole. Metal plate no longer needed.

BBC is reporting that a man undergoing an operation to treat an infection surprised doctors with his apparent regenerative abilities. Following an automobile accident 6 decades ago, a metal plate was inserted into Gordon Moore’s head. Doctors discovered recently that his skull had fully healed underneath that plate at some point, allowing for it’s complete removal.

While doctors hasten to emphasize the rarity of this occurrence, readers should consider that it was happenstance that revealed the situation in the first place. How likely is it that similar individuals who were led to believe a permanent metal plate was a life-saving necessity, have likewise managed to heal?  If you’ve been in a similar situation, you might want to consult a doctor who understands the regenerative properties of the human body.  This is something which is often under-appreciated and overlooked.

The regenerated skull is sloped much in the way the metal plate was. It seems reasonable to conclude that the metal plate, while inserted for the protection of his head, actually interfered in the healing process. I wonder how often patients are made aware of this possibility?

It’s a truly incredible story, both in it’s ramifications and it’s indications of the real potential of man, and how easily it can be overlooked. Gordon Moore, who was in at least two separate  car crashes that damaged his skull, has seemingly stopped wrecking his car and started healing his body. Do you find this story as inspirational as I do?


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