“Little Roberta” To Be Shown To Children And Then Eaten

463136171_30c3f7860a[1]_20090930151827_320_240I’m not sure whether readers will find themselves amused or disturbed about this oddball story coming from Fox Chicago. Apparently, a New York farmer was surprised to find his hen “Roberta” had laid a giant egg, which is described as two and a half times normal size. It’s apparently so large that it comes just shy of setting a new world record.  What makes this story more notable, at least to myself, is the hen apparently died shortly afterward. The farmer has attributed Roberta’s death to the delivery of such a large egg, and has named the egg “Little Roberta” in her honor.  The Fox article states, in closing:

“WLUK reports that the egg has been nicknamed “Little Roberta” and will be taken to school for a show-and-tell. Then it will contribute to a giant omelette.”

Come on…  Is this for real?  I can’t be the only person to find something inherently morbid about naming an egg after it’s deceased mother, then parading it to school children before adding it into a “giant omelette” and eating it.  I mean, if the only thing you can think of in this scenario is “Mmmm…  That giant egg sure would make a tasty addition to a giant omlelette”, why are you naming it to begin with?  Maybe there’s more to this story, and the egg couldn’t have been hatched.  I don’t have more details on it, but it seems like the plan for the egg makes this odd story even more crazy. I would have rather seen that giant egg hatch into a giant chick! What do you think?

Image: Credit: roblisameehan | Flickr.com / Creative Commons License

See here for the Daily Mail story, which contains photos of the egg, and farmer, as well as more information:



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