Thousands Protest Government Today In Washington, D.C.

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Some reports are putting numbers of protesters on the streets of D.C. at over a million. Even mainstream media is now reporting the event, after what could be a “delay of conscience”, or a deliberate blackout. The Washington Post gives an estimate of “tens of thousands”, and says the focus of the protest was “the over-expansion of the federal government under Obama.”

Details are still hard to come by at this point, but as the media has finally started to acknowledge the protest, we can conclude it must be winding down as Saturday evening approaches.  Taxpayers seem to still be frazzled over the “banker bailout” with it’s trillions of dollars in cost, and no obligation by the institutions who received it.

From promotions of mandatory military service, to allegations of hypnotism during the election, Obama is proving to be one of the most controversial presidents in U.S. history, but was this protest really about Obama?

Though some protesters may have had a decidedly anti-Obama motivation, the majority seem to be frustrated taxpayers, who point out that the tax rate before the American Revolution was significantly lower than it is today.  Whether this is an indication of a growing discontent that could herald the advent of a Second American Revolution, is a matter for debate. What seems certain is that the perception is growing that the government, rather than serving the people, is working to their determent for it’s own interests.

FreedomWorks, a grassroots organization whose slogan is “Lower taxes, Less Government, More Freedom”, has more information regarding the protest and related events on it’s web site.

It’s important, however, in tense times like these, that people remember that the government is not the enemy.  As L Ron Hubbard said in The Way To Happiness, “It is, after all, the people and their own opinion leaders who sweat and fight and bleed for their country — a government cannot bleed, it cannot even smile: it is just an idea men have. It is the individual person who is alive — you.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.Click here for more Way To Happiness videos and a free e-book.


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