I just stumbled upon a very interesting article on semiotics, which I must confess is a term I was not familiar with.  In discovering it’s meaning, which relates to the study of symbols, in particular as forms of communication, I found it is a subject I have been interested in for several years. The article is quite excellent, and I encourage everyone to take a look.

Here is a brief quote:

“The swastika is the best example of this because it is used widely across cultures and represents a multitude of ideas; in Buddhism it represents universal harmony, in Hinduism it is related to the creator god, Brahma, in Baltic culture it is related to the fire/thunder god and the sun god, in Nazi Germany Hitler wanted it to symbolize “… the creating, acting life”, and now in western cultures post WWII it has a negative, racial, evil connotation.”

Read more: What’s All The Buzz About Semiotics from Elizabeth Head CMUN 150 blog.


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