Don’t Be An Spammer Or Do What I Say, Not What I Do

So I noticed with some surprise I had 56 views, from the site

This site bills itself as some type of experimental traffic generating website to help promote blogs… I go to the site and it immediately starts flipping through blogs, displaying them for an instant before going to the next. If any of you have been taken in by this wishful thinking, and it seems many of you have, I have some bad news to report. It would seem this site is of little to no benefit to a normal blogger.  Nobody will read your post when it is displayed barely long enough to even get the title. The website is an automated spam traffic builder, not for the blogs it “promotes”, but for itself. If common sense has eluded you, here’s the evidence:

Out of those 56 redirects to my blog supposedly “promoting” it for all of 2 seconds, not one click through came on the video enclosed within the blog post that was the entire purpose of the short post. In other words, nobody is engaging the blog from this site.

I don’t know for sure that the inventor intended the site to behave in this fashion when they designed it. Perhaps they had completely altruistic intentions as they claim, and only meant to promote other people’s blogs. Perhaps they didn’t realize that only their own website would end up with any real promotion, with it’s frame that remains immobile and therefore readable, in stark contrast to the flashing collage of insta-changing blogs. Either way, unless you’re looking to skew your stats and artificially inflate your bog traffic (I guess to sucker in advertisers), this supposed “service” is of no use.

If you don’t believe me, visit for yourself, and see how many great new blogs you discover through it, or click here.

Edit: I should mention that Is operating a similar platform, but includes reasonable delays between blog changes, and a quite desirable “back” and “forward” option. If you’re interested in the concept, I suggest looking into this site instead. Your blog will thank you for it.

Update: Criticisms notwithstanding it seems I was perhaps (typical to my nature), a bit hasty with my judgments. I encourage everyone to read the comments to this post and consider for themselves.  I still believe the website could implement the type of features present on Condron, to truly be beneficial, but in saying it had no benefit at all, I was being premature and somewhat unfair.  It’s has brought traffic, and beyond that, this post has encouraged discussion from the users who came to it, through Alpha Inventions. If the site implemented a longer delay, so it wasn’t just flashing blogs across the screen to get traffic back to it’s site through referrers, I’d likely endorse it.  There does seem to be better alternatives, as far as setup, but as far as traffic, the numbers are speaking in it’s favor.

But, wait… There’s more. One user who commented on this post had an extremely negative experience with AI.

Do you have an opinion on the site? Can you relate your experiences if any with it? If so, please comment.

Update: Alpha Inventions has changed, and I think improved quite a bit. See my latest review of the site, “ Revisited”.

28 thoughts on “Don’t Be An Spammer Or Do What I Say, Not What I Do

  1. Thanks Sarah. Yes, you’re right. But 1-2 seconds a blog is pretty quick reaction time required. If it was slowed down a bit, I think there’d be some potential there, but as it is now, it seems like a traffic-generating scheme mainly for the site owners.

  2. I was using Alpha Inventions, but have become weary of the mind games that the moderator plays with blog sites that question his, shall we say, omnipotence. I would not recommend that site to anyone unless they are into serious butt kissing.

  3. I’ve got to disagree with you, Bud. No – those 5611 hits I got on Sunday weren’t all huge fans of my blog. Nor were the 2308 unique visitors (I consider them potential fans). But then there are the 243 returning visitors and the 300+ hits that came from bookmarks. (I’m sure those people discovered me on Alpha). I consider them my fan base, and that number is steadily growing. A month ago I had maybe 100 hits a day – mostly people who know me… Now I have over 1000 new people looking at my blog every day and a few more will come back again and again.

    No, it’s not a magic bullet – I’m still doing a lot of networking and other promotion, but Alpha remains by far, the single biggest difference in traffic – and it has spawned second and third generation traffic from blogs I’ve discovered and networked with. It’s all in what you do with it…

    And hey – I discovered your blog!


  4. Veronica,

    I was interested in your comment. Interested enough to try to find that blog of yours you reference, or otherwise contact you about your claims, but alas… it seems you forget to leave any links back to it, while writing out your response.

    I definitely appreciate your feedback, though, and hope maybe you’ll catch this reply to it. If those numbers are accurate, I’m surprised certainly. I’m not going to lie, it’s clear from this article, that the site has brought me a few hits (about 150 so far from this article alone… out of that, I’ve received three comments, which is not bad).

    Though perhaps I was a bit overly critical, I maintain that the platform needs some serious tweaking if it is to be an effective copy of other sites that are doing the same thing and doing it better.

    Bottom line is, I suspect the reason for the 2 second refreshes is to use the platform primarily to promote itself by hitting as many different blogs as possible to get click backs from users checking referrers. This is actually how I discovered the site, so it seems clear they are running a webcrawler to direct users to their website, at which point it considers it a link and adds your blog to it’s que, without you requesting it. The motivation for doing such a thing seems rather obvious.

  5. Sorry about that. Some blogsites comments automatically include a link, I guess WordPress doesn’t. I’m only a couple of months into this and discovering new things all the time… my URL

    I agree Alpha Inventions is set to make a serious buck from this… but I also think the early users are going to get the most and cheapest benefit from it. For now, the whole interface is rank amateur – but it is more effective than LinkReferral, which I also signed up for, which gets me maybe ten hits a day, and I suspect they are no less random than Alpha.

    I do wish I got more comments – but when I checks the stats and see 200 people actually spent 15 minutes reading a particular story, I think maybe I oughtn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  6. Thanks Veronica. Yes, you make some good points.
    Glad to have your link. It looks like you’ve put a lot of work into this so far… Amazing for something you just recently started.

  7. Thanks, Bud! It’s a labour of love – or vanity – I’m not sure…

    But those hits on the site are from WordPress’s counter… I think you ought to give Alpha another go… If 1-2% a day actually stick with your site you can’t help build a real following. And the bloody thing is free – although I did cough up the $10.00 for an AIID#. That’s what took me to over 2000 hits a day consistently…


  8. Hi,
    You might want to read my most recent post in which I detail my ongoing saga with Alpha Inventions. I’ve finally decided that iI have had enough, and I’m not holding back in fear of what Cheru will do to me.

    I’m glad for your positive results Veronica, but you need to know that it’s directly because you paid up right away. If you hadn’t paid, you wouldn’t be getting the traffic. Best wishes for continued success–sincerely.

  9. Hi poietes – there’s no link to your blog, so I can’t check it out. But if you post the link, I will.

    I definitely don’t want to sound like an advert for Alpha – it’s making Cheru a lot of money, which I don’t care about one way or the other as the $10 I sent him has (to me) paid off in spades. It was the difference between 500 hits a day – plugging my URL in every time I thought of it, and 2000. And I got over 5000 on Sunday – which was a huge leap – but I started posting urls to some of my best archived posts, because I started getting 300+ hits an hour. So that was a good idea…

    The only thing I’m sure of is you’ve got to network to get new readers and as a writer – I really need readers. Selling short stories and articles to magazines is fine, but in 15 years hasn’t built the following I think my blog can get in six months.

    Cheers, Veronica

  10. OMG here it goes again. All I can say is that I’m doing the best I can, and It’s kind of hard to please millions by yourself, but I’m going to do it. Keep up the good work.

  11. Definitely can’t make everyone happy. I am interested to see how the site develops. I think there’s room for some improvements, but that goes for everything, including my own projects, so I understand.

  12. Just wanted to update everyone. Cheru e-mailed me–twice. He says that my e-mails went into his spam, and that’s why he did not answer them. Okay, I can accept that. I wrote him back and said that if he can give me an explanation on the other points, that I will happily post an apology for everyone to see.

    As yet, I have not heard from him. I do not know if my e-mail is going into his spam box in his personal mail as well. I am willing to give him his chance to explain how my url had an addition to it and all of the other stuff. I have not problem admitting if I am wrong. In the beginning, I made several posts on his behalf, which is why it really took a lot for me to make the post that I did.

    Veronica, I am a writer as well. I am always looking for good publicity, which is why I surf so many blogs and make comments on other people’s blogs in order to increase my own visibility. I do not begrudge you a system that obviously works for you. In fact, I am truly happy that things are working so well.

    Also, I did not include my url because it normally appears when I have to log in to make a comment. Sorry, that was an assumption on my part as I have never known my information not to appear. For anyone wanting information to my site, I am not hiding. It is

    Bud, thank you for starting the dialogue. I hope that something comes of it, but I will not hold my breath. As Cheru pointed out to me, he is a working father and doesn’t have much time to contact all of his subscribers.

  13. Poietes,

    Thanks for the update. I hope it does get worked out for you.

    I’m not sure what is up with the comments not linking signed in wordpress users… I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it, but I’ve not seen it behave this way before, either.
    I wonder if there’s some issue with my theme possibly… Either way it is pretty annoying for it to be not operating properly… I’ll have to figure something out.

  14. On the pros and cons of AI. Those who subscribe age guaranteed 100 times longer in the cycle at AI. Theoretically they would then accomplish in 5 minutes what it take the non-subscriber more than 8 hours to do. But the difference is greater. If you are not a subscriber it is well nigh impossible to keep your blog in the cycle for more than two rotations. Ordinarily you”re knocked out after one round. And sometimes without ever appearing at all. Good luck in your attempts to get an explanation from the moderator of this site on this last, or other oddities which occur at AI. It ain’t a-gonna happen.

    If he does eventually respond to your inquiries (after you’ve sent ten or twelve perhaps) his broken english will contain the most evasive phrases and irrevelances you can imagine. Very seldom does Mr. Jackson construct a pair of sentences which show that his line of thinking is coherent.

    To those of you who, like titirangistoryteller, are still convinced that this site does what it claims to do, and that those views or visits are real I have a piece of land in South Florida you might be interested in. Storyteller you claim 200 people read a particular story for 15 minutes each? Does anything about that seem fishy to you. 200 individuals all reading at the same speed eh?

    Before I began publicly question certain aspects of AI I tried to play the game for awhile. The one that gives you what I call the “free ride”. Your stats suddenly not double or triple but explode by 50, 100, or 200 times. Up to a 200-300 hits in an hour at peak. It is this experience that has people gushing out expansive praises to the wonders of AI and it’s moderator. There are some problems with this artificial rocket boost however which the unwary will soon become wary of. In a day or at most two or three suddenly your big balloon pops and you find your stats plummeting back with your ego into the dust. I went from, believe it or not, 4000 “views” to 20 some odd in one day!

    Again explanations shall not be forthcoming from the Wizard of AI.

    Another problem with this enormous but very temporary boost is that the change in your readership will be neglible. I have no doubt that there will be occasional exceptions, but according to my own experience and those of other AI users which I’ve read, any increase in returning or regular visitor is minimal at best following the huge increases generated during such “free rides”. The same superficial escalation can be attained on a more regular basis by subscribing to AI for $10 a month.

    My sympathies to poietes for her troubling experience with AI (The only real reservation I have with her story, link above in one of Bud’s comments, is with regard to her offense at the “puke yellow” notices at AI comments that say her blog is held for moderation. I believe everyone gets those. The reason you don’t see them for the comments above you is that they’ve already been approved. Same thing occurs in most blog comment areas.) I think something similar to her experience it in store for anyone who is not prepared to do a lot of bow and scraping when discussing aspects of AI with the Moderator-King Cheru. As she colorfully describes Mr. J. doesn’t have much respect for those who would question the perfection of his site, nor for common decency of behaviour as he frequently take thug-like actions by attacking your browser and PC as a payment for your insolence.

    Yes, Ms. poietes has a tendency toward dramatization and hyperbole, but she’s not exaggerating on that count. He does it. Does it every day to may. For more details on his criminal assault on my PC by Mr. Jackson, and yours if you don’t kiss booty well enough for him, please see my blog

    Last Note: It is only blogging ha ha ha

    Cheers folks, James

  15. Sorry about the typos in the above comment. Corrections include:

    First paragraph, line 1: Those who subscribe “are” guaranteed….not “age” guaranteeed…

    Last paragraph, line2: [He] does it every day to mine. Not “may”; another typo.

  16. Bud,

    On your finding

    “Out of those 56 redirects to my blog supposedly “promoting” it for all of 2 seconds, not one click through came on the video enclosed within the blog post that was the entire purpose of the short post. In other words, nobody is engaging the blog from this site.”

    I too was mystified by this phenomenon for months, and asked everybody, especially WordPress staff about it for months. Not a shred of useful explanation until finally one staff member either knew more or understood my question better or both. The answer to the mystery with respect to embedded “videos” is simple (I still question why my sites full of images don’t show a higher percentage of image hits in WP stats). WordPress stats only cound an embedded video that has been downloaded to your site and then uploaded into a post or page. Embedding directly from youtube isn’t enough. The stats don’t know it’s there. That’s the explanation they gave me anyway.

    The whole picture though is little more complicated than that because I used to get hits on the videos, or at least the post titles where the videos were, then these virtually stopped (and then again started up again a couple of months further on). But for months the stats showed almost no hits for images or videos even on sites where the only interesting features were videos and images. I’ve got music sites in which every post has videos or photo galleries. Who were all those thousands of visitors and why were the coming if not to look at a photo (everybody clicks on images to enlarge them) or listen to a video? Part of the answer to this lies in the phenomenon of mechanical views. A view does not constitute a visit and definitely does not mean anyone has read a line of your text as you astutely discovered on your own.


  17. Bud Gallant,

    On your initial insights upon first trying AI:

    “The website is an automated spam traffic builder, not for the blogs it “promotes”, but for itself.”

    It took me 7 months to understand this. I mean I knew the stats were phony, that is the visiting bloggers stats were phony and manipulated by AI, but I didn’t know what he was getting out of it until very recently. Besides the fees from those so blinded by his propaganda that they go ahead subscribe, he also is evidently running a free camp for spammers to barrage the rest of us with garbage block that infect out browsers, or go into our files and claim that they are infected with bells and alarms going off, and especially those which bump you off the page, any page, that you are presently on. I call all of these SPAM and they are all evidently not only welcome as AI but the evidence suggests that he promotes them (one presumes for a fee._

    If you would care to expand on your experiences with using AI (not the opinions of the others, many of whom seem to be blinded to the obvious) just your on experiences and your thoughts on what this site really does. How it operates and why it operates as it does. I think you’re on to something and very few that I’ve spoken with have been able to see this site has the phony it is.


  18. Correction to last message:

    “barrage the rest of us with garbage spam that infects our browsers, or invades our files, claiming that the files are infected, and inform us of the catastrophe with big red flashing warning signs….”

    I don’t know whether every visitor is subjected to such abuse or whether this sort of spam is specially reserved for those who dare to criticize or question Mr. Jackson’s little empire. I’ve only read a few cases of such attacks and it seems to always be someone who probed and questioned.

  19. “Ms. Poietes has a tendency towards dramatization and hyperbole.”

    Actually, no. Everything that I said was true, no hyperbole, no dramatization. I have the e-mails from Cheru to prove what he said to me. I had the redirects without making any changes to my url. I had the “awaiting moderation” banner on my later comments, but not on any of the earlier comments that I made on site. The difference? The earlier comments were congratulatory and positive. The comments that were slapped with the banners were questioning and less positive. Further, I know of many people who use/used the site who never received “awaiting moderation” banners.

    Given that Cheru told me that he doesn’t have enough time to deal with each person who visits his site, I would surmise the he probably has certain url’s flagged, certain e-mail addresses flagged and responds accordingly.

    Nevertheless, this blogger is over AI and its moderator. I am using and enjoying the community and forum there tremendously. My stats are not nearly as high as they were with AI, but I finally realized that I would rather have real readers than inflated numbers.

    As far as Poietes is concerned, AI is a dead horse that has been in my front yard accumulating flies for far too long, and the only aspect of it that I have the least interest in is in determining how to remove the AI thread that appears in the “my comments” section of my dashboard almost every day, especially since I have not commented on that thread in over four months.

  20. Poietes,

    Perhaps I was wrong regarding those flags. The same thing happened to me. I don’t recall if the early ones where I was not convinced of the charlatanizm rampant on this site, were flagged or not.

    I believe you regarding the redirect. I once had my blog changing into his blog. That was before we’d had any disagreements and I’d become openly critical of the site. When I asked him about it, he never gave the slightest explanation. But it stopped. This man will try anything under the sum that he can get away with. And never apologizes when you catch him red-handed at whatever new deviation he’s concocted.

    As for dramatization. Please Poietes. Quotations from Barlett’s. Victorian mannerisms. I do the same at times. One could do worse than having Shakespeare as a muse.

    I accept and applaud your decision with regard to disposing of the dead horse once and for all. In my own case, the plan is to do likewise but to first send out warning signals, load and clear, so that others might not be misled by this man and his phony stat machine, spammer’s paradise site like I was for awhile.

    Peace, James

  21. if you knew me better as others do, you would know that that is precisely how I speak and write all of the time. Not a mannerism or affectation, merely a reflection of where I’ve been in life, with whom I have interacted, and what I’ve learned.

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