Imperium V

I’m finding myself particularly moved by “Imperium V” by Current 93. It is such a beautiful song.
If you’re not familiar with Current 93, check them out.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Imperium V online (I’ve got it now. see here: Imperium V On YouTube), but I did find another favorite of mine,
and I will still include the lyrics for song that inspired this post.

Here’s Current 93’s “Hourglass for Diana”:

Here are the lyrics for “Imperium V”, which I am pasting from

the lord is my sepherd
i shall not want
the lord is my sepherd

to everything there is a season
and a time to every purpose
and to the heavens
when we first enter into this life
then what some die when they are in the womb
some die as they are born
and some die as they learn to crawl
and some die as they learn to walk
some die in these ways
some die
some die

lives are obliterated so soon
our lives are like words whither within sticky water
as all ripe fruit always falls and rots
so are we all by our deaths destroyed
behind me the wind calls

it comes
behind me the shadow the shadow falls
behind me the shadow the shadow

a time to be born
and a time to die
a time to laugh
a time to weep
a time to sow
a time to rend
a time to build up
a time to destroy
a time to sow
and a time to reap

oh mother!mother!mother!
at the back of us
behind us falls the shadow
my heart imperium!
my god left alone
left alone!
oh imperium!
behind every one of you
the shadow falls
the shadow falls
behind us all

a time to reap
a time to sow
a time to kill
a time to live
a time to sow
a time to collect
and a time to gather
for every one and each of us
behind our backs
five times
this is the end
it comes on wings
silver, gold, and bloody tart
on wings it comes and whispers
whispering imperium
for every one of us
the gates shall open and close
and behind us

remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth
whilst the evil days come not
nor the years draw nigh
when thou shalt say “i have no pleasure in them”
while the sun or a light or the moon or the stars be not darkened
nor the clouds returned after the rain
in the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble
and the strong men shall bow themselves and the grinders cease because they are
and those that look out of the windows be darkened
and the doors shall be shut in the streets when the sound of grinding is low
and he shall rise up with the voice of a bird
and all the daughters of music shall be brought low
also, when they should be afraid of that which is high
and fear should be in the way and the arm and tree shall flourish
and the grasshopper shall be a burden
and desire shall fail because man got to his long home
and the mourners go about the streets
wherever the silver cord be loosed
or the golden bough be broken
or the pitcher be broken at the fountain
or the wheel broken at the cistern
then shall the dust return to the earth as it was
and the spirit shall return to God who gave it

Update: If you’re looking for the video, I’ve found a link for it. see Imperium V On YouTube.


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