New Blog: Dream Exploration


With some motivation from a friend of mine, ManxT, I’ve begun a blog to document dreams. ┬áMostly this is for my own reference, and I don’t imagine there will be a whole lot of interest in reading long reports of dreams I’ve had. I am using it to test some theories out and do some experimenting, however, so if you have an interest in dreams, it might be worth talking a look at.

Also, It’s an open project, so if you want to contribute your own dreams, you’re free to do so. Just let me know, and I’ll add you as a contributor. If you prefer to post anonymously, I’ve enabled a way to do that, as well (hoping for the best on this one). I’m using tags to organize, and planetary influences as categories, as well as sigils to possibly enable returns. I haven’t seen anyone else with this type of setup, and I’m looking forward to exploring these techniques further.

EDIT: Fixed the broken link. Sorry about that.


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