Strange Observations On Obama Inauguration Photo

Have you been hearing about some of the weird things in the gigapan inauguration photo? I’m going to make some observations on the picture here. There is a rather excellent picture available of the inauguration complete with zoom. Do you see any weird things in the gigapan inauguration picture?

I was particularly interested in the “VIP” section directly behind Obama, sealed off, and under guard. Some faces are easy to recognize, such as the Clintons, Bush, etc., while others are not. ┬áSurprisingly, others still are purposely concealing their identities, with some even going so far as having their faces completely covered. Even more surprising, some of the heads appear to have been digitally edited out, or distorted beyond recognition. This seems to be a localized issue, affecting only this section of the photo, though I have not scanned through the entire thing.

Here are just a couple examples:

I’ll look into this further as time permits, but I thought some of you out there might find it interesting. More examples to come.

Not sure if it’s particularily notable, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put it up there and get some opinions.


3 thoughts on “Strange Observations On Obama Inauguration Photo

  1. O_O NWO!?

    Nah, probably just the stitching program used to create the panoramic image. It’s common for some things to become distorted, or even seem obliterated due to the software.

    I use Autostitch to create panoramic photos, and sometimes it does weird things to them.

  2. I found some stitching issues, and some things that look like panning issues to me — and those who had mufflers over their faces? Hey, it was cold. That’s how you wear a muffler when it’s really, really cold, and you don’t have a balaclava.

    There are some other issues — the pan took a while. So people reacting to one thing at the start of the photo were reacting to something else at the end of it. It looked obvious to me that the audience reaction was different from one frame to the next.

  3. Clarance Thomas is asleep. directly behind the prez. I would think the supreme court.

    I agree, it’s damn cold out there and they probably weren’t hiding from cameras they were trying to keep warm. I don’t do COLD!

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