44 thoughts on ““Not Authorized” on TweetDeck

  1. Thank you. First twitter mysteriously wouldn’t let me sign in today. So, I changed my password while Tweetdeck was running. Logged out of Tweetdeck now after I got locked out. I’ll wait and watch now 🙂

  2. Ah thanks, good post, was wondering already what had happened.

    Absolutely ridiculous that this can happen and plain stupid to tell people “Please chillax for a few” instead of explainin what has happened.

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  4. I thought I would never solve the problem of “not unauthorized” on Tweetdeck. I commend you for wanting to help others. Thank you very much Bud.

  5. This baffled me for a while too. Nice to see I’m not alone in my bemusement!

    TweetDeck is quite simply amazing, 95% there on the functionality front I’d say, can’t believe it’s taken me so long to start using it.

    Would be nice if there were an iPhone version too…

  6. Rock on, thanks for the help! I actually changed my name, not password and got ‘not authorized.’ But I logged out and back in, no prob….woo hoo!

    Jamie 🙂

  7. The same lock out condition will occur if you’re logged into twitter and perform an Air Upgrade on Tweet Deck. At least, that’s how I wound up locked; and here.

  8. hey bud –

    thnx loads for that — successful tweetdeck re-entry…



  9. I have a problem. The logout button doesn’t work, neither does the setting button. I click both numerous times yet nothing happens. I’ve tried hitting logout, closing, and reopening, yet I still get ‘Not Authorized’. I’m at the end of my rope here. What do I do?

    P.S. I’m using the latest version of TweetDeck, 0.26, if it helps at all.

  10. Did all the steps, am able to log into Twitter with my new password, logged out of Tweetdeck but it’s still giving me “not authorized” when I use new password on Tweetdeck. HELP!

  11. oh – FYI – I actually not only logged out but “added new account” with old username and NEW password, which I had previously reset via “forgot password”

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  13. I’m no longer locked out (thank you very much, we worked on this for hours before I finally found this and understood). But, changing passwords and adding accounts, reinstalling, nothing is working to correct this problem with my TweetDeck. This shouldn’t be so complicated!

  14. I’m so glad I’m not alone with this frustration. I am REALLY annoyed. I tried everything above and nothing is working. I can still tweet from twitter.com but not TweetDeck. Is it possible I’m only locked out of TweetDeck? What should I do? Just wait it out? I’m so confused…….ARGH! I need my TweetDeck! Thanks so much for creating this post!

  15. I am locked out too for no apparent reason eg didn’t change any passwords, twitter name or anything.

    Has anyone found any other workarounds? I can get all my search columns but not all friends, direct messages or mentions columns.

    This started when I finally gave in to the splash screen saying register a tweetdeck account. It hasn’t worked since then.

  16. I am having the problem where Tweetdeck is showing the not authorized message a few times a day. This is not password related, as I have not changed my password, and each time I close the app and open it again it works for a period of time – then it will show the message again.

    Very frustrating – does anyone know why it does this?

  17. Thanks for your advice. I am experiencing these problems and I hope that by waiting it out things will resolve themselves. I have found that I had to change the password in the past, because I was getting spammed? as I ended up following people I never agreed to follow. This resulted in being locked out of tweetlater also, and that has never been resolved either. If anyone knows the solutions to any of these problems please let me know.
    I know all of these programs are not making money, but why is there is no tech support and I need to rely on good people like you to help?
    Thanks again-I will keep my fingers crossed.

  18. Hi
    Thansk for your post, is very usefull. Unfortunatelly, since yesterday i am not authorized to use my TweetDeck.
    I have tried everything, even to uninstal it.

  19. Hi
    Thanks for the information. Currently locked out of my account. Guess I’ll just have to ride it out….

  20. Okay I know this post is a little old but I’m STUCK. I can get Tweetdeck to recognise and authorise/verify my new password. But after six hours or so I get locked out of twitter and Tweetdeck fails to recognise my new password again. I’m assuming Tweetdeck is trying to contact Twitter with my old password and that’s why I’m being locked out – but if it’s verfied my account with the new password, why is it locking me out? Argh it’s so frustrating!

    Does anyone have a solution? 😦

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  25. thanks for the info. i’ve tried several times, including uninstalling and installing my tweetdeck, but it won’t give me any good. the twitter web is ok, i can log in again. but the tweetdeck is not ok. i could log in in tweetdeck, but the “all friends” and “mentions” column are having no updates. and when i try to update my status, it says “problem updating” and the tweetdeck status is still an authorized. what should i do?
    thx for ur reply…

  26. If this happened after a recent password change, a temporary solution may be to change the password back to the original, from what I have heard from other users. You might want to give that a try, even though, it clearly is not ideal.

  27. i’ve tried to change my twitter password back to the old one, but twitter did no good. it said that my password is “too obvious” and it didn’t want to change it. so i couldn’t get back to my old password and my tweetdeck. any other suggestion?

  28. Does anyone know for *how long* one stays locked out? Twitter Help is just useless and I can’t find that info anywhere.

  29. nTa,
    Hmmm…. Sorry, I’m not sure. Maybe give it some time or else try Tweetdeck’s support people? Sorry to hear it’s giving you more trouble than usual.

    I think for me it was fixed within a day. I’m not sure there is a set range or what it is, but I estimate it is around several hours, although it may be less.

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  31. I’ve followed all the advice above and still no joy. I don’t understand it because my laptop at home works fine and has not given me any log in problems. My office PC still won’t let me past the pink “Twitter unauthorised” block. Twitter is so basic at work, which is why I want my Tweetdeck account open. Even when I uninstall an re install it automatically opens my account so it must be recognizing something. I’ve changed my password to match but it still says it’s the wrong password.

    My head may explode soon.

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  33. I’ve been following your suggestions and its been more than two weeks now since I changed my twitter password, and I still can’t get authorized access from my TweetDeck app. 😦

  34. I had this problem too. I did an uninstall of the program and a new install of the latest version. Now it works fine.

  35. I’m having a problem…. i didn’t change my password actually everything was just fine but i accidently log out from twitter and now it doesn’t want to log in… with old same password! what can i do?

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