Mahalolics Anonymous

I’m starting a new support group for you poor afflicted Mahalolics out there, who are drunk on hope and envy.  Instead of trying to bash me for 1 M$ that Jason hasn’t even payed for (yet), come join me on twitter, and I can be your personal Mahalo guru. Who better to coach you to recovery than the user who has still, to this date, made more M$ than anyone else?

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll build my very own personal empire, just like some of those users suggested. I’ll change my initials to correspond with a popular messiah’s, and we can start our own CEO cult-of-personality. Promotions for everyone! And not those misleading ABC news promotions, no… the kind of promotions you will only get if you’re a bot or a groupie back on MA.

I’m willing to work with you, and give you an opportunity to slave away at your pc for pennies an hour just like the other guys. More than that, I will build a fair system for you to follow blindly… something with lots of flashing lights to dull the senses… it’ll be awesome!

I know you guys don’t like to face the reality that only a fraction of the money that goes into the system is going to ever come out, and the meantime Jason will keep your hopes up that you can make hundreds a month just by answering a few questions. You could listen to him, and ignore what myself, and even (ex)employees are saying about Mahalo. You could dismiss the fact that Mahalo is motivated soley to keep that money in the system, and that every dollar they put into in themselves has no cost to them until a user cashes out. You can keep drinking those Mahalolic beverages that Jason is charging to serve you, and stumble around looking to finally “score”.

You could…  but eventually you’ll sober up a little, and when you do, I’ll be waiting…  We can build something great! I’m looking for a few angel investors and a whole legion of groupies! Together we will show that web 2.0 crowd who is boss. Me…. uh… I mean, us! Yeah, that’s right… we’re all in this together.


2 thoughts on “Mahalolics Anonymous

  1. The best criticism does not come from bashing or hatered. If you had no emotional attachment, your arguments would reach a wider range of people, but now it looks like revenge of some sort instead.

  2. There’s no “bashing” or “hatred” from me. That is primarily coming from JC’s apostles. I have no problem taking some liberties with how I say things… I’m not here just to inform, but also to entertain. There’s no need to be uptight.

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