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Hurrry! Must Retain Attention Whore Status By Providing New Mahalolic Content!

Hurrry! Must Retain Attention Whore Status By Providing New Mahalolic Content!


This blog was never intended to be devoted to solely one topic, and that includes Mahalo Answers. So now that I have gotten those “15 minutes of fame” from being a valiant “truth monger”, It’s time to capitalize on all this attention. I’m taking a break to listen to some of my favorite songs, to soothe my pain as I slip back into the inevitable obscurity from whence I came. Fate, thou art truly a cruel mistress…

But, fear not, my loyal groupies! You, too can enjoy my favorite songs in obscurity, just as I intend to. Simply follow me over at There’s even something for the trolls! Think of all the new material you can come up with over at my profile, where you can be like “WTF? It’s Raining Men?”. Trolling my music will surely provide fleeting satisfaction for you, while providing me with a way to further amuse myself at your expense.

Oh, before I forget, make sure to follow me on Twitter. I need more than 37 followers if I am going to be able to take over the internets, amirite? I better plug my poetry now, too, before all this valuable MA-related traffic dissipates. This could be my only chance at being acknowledged by admirable internet juggernauts such as yourselves.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am accepting donations. Your contributions will be spent by me, on me. I will exchange your money for virtual appreciation. I will also  provide a full accounting for where your money is going.  You can come over to my place and count the bottles of Jagermesiter on my floor. I believe in complete disclosure. Afterwards, we can sing karaoke all day, and make shadow puppets all night. Alternately, we can simply bask in the presence of my greatness… I’m flexible on everything… except the Jager.

So come on over to, where you too can be a virtual whore. There is, unfortunately, no virtual currency to be had, but there’s an upside to that, too. I won’t be able to kick all the asses of inept tech groupies there, like I did on Mahalo Answers. That’s right, I’m better than you. Oh no! The secret is out, I am motivated soley by my giant ego!

Jason, there’s your quote for the day. No need to thank me, I will send you my bill.

P.S. Don’t forget to add me on Twitter. I need more followers if I am going to make it to the top ten! Remember more followers for me equals less depression, which in turn equals less Jagermesiter consumed by myself, yielding more for my groupies! Follow me in droves and there will be Jagerbombs for all!

P.P.S. Remember, I am better than you.


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