Mahalo RIGGED BY STAFF in pictures

Many of you have asked for “evidence” the staff are gaming the system, rather than simply evidence the system is gameable, after I posted my accusations regarding how the system is rigged.

Here is a single example out of the many suspicious activities on the site. As you can see from a random selection of the “tips given” by this user, all but one have went to a staff member or remote guide working for Mahalo directly. This just one section of showing who this user has assigned “best answer” to. Click here for more. 4/5 given to people who voluntarily disclose they are staff on their profiles. The other profile is a blank, and could very well be another employee, since no system is in place requiring their disclosure.
Let’s take a look at this user’s profile to see why it might be they are so generous with their tips to Mahalo staff.
No disclosure on their profile. They are, however, a Mahalo employee.
When questioned about why no system is in place to require employees to self-identify, Jason claimed the following:
That, however, is not true. In the begining, I thought this was simply an oversight. Now, given more recent developments, I see it is part of a system.  A system designed to keep the tips transfering around among a group of employees, to avoid MA having to pay out.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, Jason takes wants to funnel even outside user’s money into his botnet, by overriding their tip payouts, and directing them himself. I wonder where those tips will end up?

3 thoughts on “Mahalo RIGGED BY STAFF in pictures

  1. It has been more than a year since I’ve been around Mahalo and the Staff so I wasn’t entirely aware of who was still there and who had moved on or had been fired. I did see a few names that I recognized and noticed they had been pretty active in posting and responding to questions. I’d say this looks pretty definitive.

  2. To refute just a few points in this post, Sara does refer to having written several search results pages, which, if not a direct admission, strongly suggests that she is an Mahalo employee. Originally, only employees had profiles and these were meant to be seen by the public so they could see who wrote their search results. Not specifically writing “I am a Mahalo employee” is an oversight. Sara was certainly not trying to hide anything.

    Secondly, I think what you have in those five names is a coincidence. Yes, in-house staff are occasionally awarded “best answer.” However, in-house staff are not eligible to remove any money from the system, and must then ask questions with tips in order to place that money back in the Answers community. There is nothing for us to gain by selecting each other’s best answers.

    However, if a user asks a question and feels one of us has the best answer, they have every right to award us that distinction, as indeed they should if we truly were the most helpful. I agree that employee profiles should have a more prominent display showing their status. We’ve already been discussing a symbol or badge that may clear much of this up.


  3. Hey Jonathan,

    I can’t comment on Sara’s none-disclosure, however I’m curious how much M$ is currently out of the system because its in the hands of Mahalo employees? You guy say in house staffers can’t remove money from the system and that is all fine and dandy, but if its being handed over to the staff and sitting in their accounts its still being taken from the system and from the users and being redistributed how you guys see fit.

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