Correction on "Mary"

In my original post, highlighting how Mahalo can be gamed, I referenced a Mahalo user named “Mary”. This was a mistake. The correct name is “Sara”. I have been told there is no Mary on staff, at all, which I am thankful for. I apologize for this error.

It should also be mentioned that the “tips given” counts on the profiles are not at all accurate.
As an example, my own states $3, when, in fact, I have given out $20. I am not sure if this is an oversight, or something deliberate.  It certainly makes it less difficult for users to see the gaming going on, as the stats for received tips are correct, but given are skewed.  I invite those who are skeptical to look into the matter for themselves and see where the large tips are actually going. Compare the reported “tips given” when your own count per the user list, and note the result. Then follow the money trail.  My purpose in exposing the potential for gaming, and dmeonstrating a result is only to begin the discussion on how the system is being abused. Those users who feel cheated, need to make up their own minds, and do their own research.

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