Interesting Weekend

Here’s a shout out to my friend, Court!
He was the first to suggest entering an account of our weekend into my blog, and an eventful weekend it was. Sure, I’ve had crazier. No houses burned down this time, and there was no drunken altercations in the streets. Absent were drunken driving car crashes to witness, but there was still blog-worthy chaos to document!

I worked Saturday. I finished doing my evaluations of CSRs, and headed home. I lost track of time along the way, and Court was already waiting when I got in (Sorry, man!). We took to his place to play some video games, and talk. We went to see I Am Legend, and showed up a bit early. It was worth checking out, but definitely not the best movie around. Click here for my flixster review.

After the movie, we turned a corner on the way back, and the tire on the van Court was driving, literally just popped off and rolled across the street. It was particularly apt timing because he was commenting on how he thought there was something wrong with the van just a couple seconds before it happened. We were stopped there for about 40 minutes waiting for the tow truck to come. The entire time, cars were passing. Three or Four of the hundreds that went by stopped to ask if we needed help. That’s not a very encouraging ratio. One of them was a cop, who pulled up alongside, and said “Hey. How’s it going?”, to which Court replied “Hi. Not very good…”. We joked about how it’d be funny to screw with the few people who did stop and pretend we didn’t notice that the van, sitting lopsided on the street, was missing a tire, and were just stopped there for less dramatic reasons. Then we could be all like “Oh my god! What?! The tire’s gone? Where the hell is it?”, but we had no video camera, and such a YouTube worthy stunt would have been wasted without one.

Edit: After my friend saw this blog, he went to Google and did a bit of research. It seems his Ford Windstar is a “Legend” in it’s own right for it’s ability to eject it’s tires like a Batmobile backup weapon. To read other people’s accounts of Fords popping tires like the Olsen Twins pop pills, click here.

The tow truck driver showed up, and was particularly non-talkative the entire time. After about 5 minutes, he made what was his first attempt at smalltalk, and mentioned how I had long legs. That was a little awkward, but we may have gotten a discount. Which reminds me, during the movie this (probably gay) guy brushed his leg up against mine a couple times, until he noticed i kept leaning further away. Man, these long legs are a curse… now I know how Claudia Schiffer feels, with the exception of the menstrual cramps and cocaine binges. Altogether, one of those cross-gender empathetic moments, that being universally attractive so often brings. Shawn Michaels I know how you feel… except for the menstrual cramps and cocaine binges.

Note: The “cocaine binges” references are strictly humor and are not to be interpreted as claims with any basis in reality.


One thought on “Interesting Weekend

  1. It was a great weekend my friend!

    Yo I found out at work today the dood that sits behind me drives the same van make/year. His wife was driving it to pick him up yesterday and the fucking same tire fucking fell off … HAHAH


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